Nricheneschaldrish suksham laksham samahita. Ashrusampatpariyntam macharyestratakam ismratam. (Hatyoga Pradeepika 31)

Trataka is the process of looking at a fixed point with fullest concentration till tears come to one’s eyes, so say the rishis.

There are many technique to do trataka & every one of them has different merits. In Yoga literature, it is the process of fixing one’s worship & devotion.

All ailments of the eyes are cured by this. Laziness & indolence are removed. The mind gets the power of concentration by this process.

These six-fold yogic practises are the best mean of purification of the body. One must learn them from a Guru or some knowledgeable person & should practise according to ones needs. These practise are beneficial both for the body & the mind & increases their strength & capacity manifold.