God is one and religion is given to Holy Ones to teach and guide the human beings. Even the most wretched amongst us seek comfort in his sad moments in religion which is the Sweet Nectar which gives him solace.

Everything in the world in the words of Saints and the statements of the Scriptures, has been polluted like food thrown from the mouth. God alone is unpolluted as human tongue has been unable to todescribe fully “What he is”. His nature can be known only in the silent depth of our heart. Neither the mind nor words can express what TRUTH is. What is the relation of God to Man? This is the moot question of Religion.

1- When we consider ourselves as physical beings , then God is the Master and the Father and we are His servants, perfect instruments as His children.
2- When we look upon ourselves as embodied souls, then God is the Universal soul, and we are His emanations of life, fire and its sparks. God and Man possess the same attributes and qualities.
3- When we think of ourselves as Spirit, then we are identical with God - the One and the Same Spirit -Birth less, Deathless, Causeless and Infinite.

The entire Universe is One - it is an invisible Spirit. There is no caste, colour or creed. All are one when the Divine Knowledge sparks in man and ignorance vanishes. He becomes one with the spirit. Let us relate ourselves to one another by expressing His love and in this way strive to overcome the clash and conflict, hatred and violence that is so prevalent among us now a days. Let the brotherhood and the harmony of living beings may prevail.

On the Sacred soil of India, different religions have met with love and friendship time and time again. India has received with open arms the persecuted of other lands and given them a safe asylum. Not only her philosophers and saints, but also statesmen and Emperors like Ashoka and Akbar preached and practiced religious tolerance.
Whenever there is danger to law and order and an increase in lawlessness, God (Living word of God) comes to the earth in a mortal form. For the protection of good and destruction of the wicked, God (Living word of God) incarnates himself from age to age.(Chapter IV-8 Bhagavad Gita).