Swami Yogananda’s Kriya Yoga is the most valuable contribution of Indian Civilization to the common stock of Knowledge and Science of Humanity in its historic evolution. No other ancient or modern culture has developed such a peculiar psychological technique of developing human personality as Kriya Yoga tradition in India as in thought and practice.
Swamiji’s Kriya Yoga is the Master Key to all Ills (Illnesses). The lessons and instructions given by Yogoda Satsang Society are practical and helpful in the quest for knowledge and perfection. The pursuit of God through Bhakti and spiritual love is the sweetest and best of human endeavors.
Swami Yogananda’s Life is one of all-consuming love and service to humanity and is an illustration of Bhagwan Krishna’s assertions in the Geeta.
"There is nothing in the three worlds, nor anything unattained that might be attained. Yet I mingle in Action.”

Swamiji established the ‘Ancient Science and Philosophy of Yoga Society of India’ [A world wide Spiritual, Charitable and Welfare Organisation of India] - a mighty mission throughout the world. He is chosen by Mahavatar Babaji and Bhagwan (God) with a few chosen disciples. Many Many salutations to the Divine Guru inspirer of ‘Ancient Science and Philosophy of Yoga Society of India’. He is the above human weaknesses. He has not forgotten that weaknesses are common to human nature.
That is how there is a place in His heart for the sinner. Like the mighty Ganges, a dip in which washes away sins, a touch of this Saint of Saints, contact with him or even a word from him serves to purify and lift up the wayward and belated soul. His holy teachings sanctify the sinner, and dispel the darkness (ignorance) which surrounds him, leading him on till he lives to realize the God in him. Keep your body strong, forget not that a strong body is essential for the pursuit of Religion.
Kriya Yoga practice as propounded by HH Swamiji has the potency to improve the physique and to purify the mind. Swamiji says “Come out of this cage of flesh. Thou art that. Feel, assert, recognize and realize that the Lord is in everyone, since He is Vishnu - all - pervading. Like Swamiji sees the Lord in Him, around Him and below Him, For He Himself is the Lord.
The worldly distractions between man and man, the communal and cultural differences, the clear contrasts - these he willfully ignores- rushing always to realize the Great Truth that differences and distinctions belong to the physical body and the soul within is unpollutable and as such always pure. Swamini has given to the intelligent ample proof of not coming in conflict with other persons of different temperaments.
                                                               By- Brg. S.C.Taxali (Retd.)

“The yogi is greater than body-disciplining ascetics, greater even than the followers of the path of jnana, or the path of karma; be thou, O disciple Arjuna, a yogi !”
                                                             By- Bhagavad -Gita VI: 46