Yoga is neither a philosophy nor a science,but it is much more than an ordinary science. The sciences provide only a tip of information about the creation in the universe. But yoga provides the realization of true knowledge and God. Yogi becomes one with the knowledge. The following questions have confounded humanity since very beginning.Who am I? Who created the universe? What is the purpose of life & creation? Who gave us a physical body to live in and for what purpose? Can God be seen, contacted, experienced and realized? What is birth, rebirth, death, sleep, dream, meditation and samadhi etc.? Do the saints really achieve the miraculous powers (Siddhis) through yoga? Are the miracles realities? If so, how are the miracles performed? The Vedas and the Hindu scriptures undoubtedly antedate all the knowledge of spiritualism in the world. Are these the gift of God to humanity. or only myths, as propagated by some ignorant authors out of their bias?

Yoga is a universal divine science and not a religion. It gives answers to all eternal questions by realizing the truth face to face. Yoga is a system of meditation, mental and physical training that is expected to give knowledge of the Supreme Reality.Yoga is different from religion and not for a particular society, community or a group of people. It is undoubtedly for all human beings of all religions. It is for the seekers of self-knowledge. One may say yoga is science of verification and realization of true religion of God and the absolute reality of self & creation.

‘Kundalini and Kriya Yoga’ is a mystic divine science provided to humanity by God through the self-realized saints and scriptures, by which we can also realize God like the great saints and seers did to achieve Moksha. Before understanding the Kundalini and its awakening it is important to understand the ‘Yoga’.

Yoga means ‘union’ - of human soul with the Supreme-Soul or God. The union implies the dualism of both Divine and human spirit. Yoga is the process which liberates the human soul from the bondages of Maya (attachment to worldly things). There is no other bond stronger than the bond of Maya. But there is no other power greater than the Yoga and devotion to God to destroy the powerful bond of Maya. The union of the soul with God requires the purity of body, mind, spirit and extreme devotion to God. Purity does not mean cleanliness or merely free from sexual impurity, but it is much more.